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International Training Establishment Partnership - delivering ADAS accredited diver training in Singapore

A Diving Partnership: Delivering ADAS Training in Singapore

The Underwater Centre, Tasmania has entered into an International Training Establishment (ITE) Partnership with SSE Training Centre Pte Ltd, Singapore to deliver ADAS accredited commercial diver training.

SSE Training Ltd Group Photo ADAS Accredited Diver Training

Our experienced diver training team travelled to Singapore in June 2017 to deliver the training, in English, to SSE personnel.

This course was an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Part 1 SCUBA and Part 2 Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA),  delivered to delegates who are already experienced commercial divers.

Thanks to their existing diving experience, SSE divers completed a shortened version of the standard ADAS courses to gain the ADAS internationally-recognised certification.

“Internationally-recognised commercial diving courses, accredited by ADAS”

The ITE Partnership scheme works by allowing existing diver training establishments to partner with The Underwater Centre, Tasmania, which has an agreement in place with ADAS allowing it to deliver accredited training outside of Australia. All potential partners are fully audited by The Underwater Centre to ensure high standards, and all ADAS courses are then delivered in conjunction with the company’s training experts to guarantee consistent quality.

Allan Brown, Operations Director, The Underwater Centre, Tasmania commented, “Working with the team at SSE Training Centre has been a fantastic experience for us. The commitment to excellence and their passion for quality has been continually evident throughout this first project together. This excellence and passion has combined naturally with the experience and professionalism of the The Underwater Centre team.  We have formed a very strong partnership in the delivery of ADAS qualifications in Singapore.”

This training collaboration, to deliver ADAS internationally-recognised certifications, is the first of its kind in Singapore and, until now, meant that SSE divers were restricted to working in the waters within the government-backed certification boundaries. By obtaining the ADAS certification the divers will then be able to work around the world, on a range of jobs and for different companies.

“(commercial) divers benefit from greatly increased safety”

Divers Pre Dive Equipment Check During ADAS Accredited Diver Training

Steve Ham, Commercial Director, The Underwater Centre, Fort William says, “there are huge opportunities in commercial diving around the world, but also risks – which is a dangerous combination.

“In many countries, too many divers are dying because of insufficient training. Partly this is down to cost, but largely the barrier is having to travel to get the best standard of instruction, which is often unfeasible. We’re removing that barrier with the ITE scheme, just as the market needs it most.

“The oil and gas industry is just picking up from the bottom of its cycle and more projects are coming online; the offshore wind industry is taking off and decommissioning ageing oil and gas assets will need a lot of divers too. There are busier times ahead for the sector in the near future, and the ITE scheme will help divers around the world be part of that while maintaining the highest standards of safety.”

“It has been a great pleasure and privilege to be working in partnerships with The Underwater Centre, Tasmania”

Boost to earning potential and career opportunities 

By training this way, divers benefit from greatly increased safety, as well as an internationally-recognised commercial diving qualification that boosts their earning potential and opens career paths around theDavid Loudon Dive Supervisor Delivering Class Lecture During ADAS Accredited Diver Training world. Companies employing the divers can also be assured of greater worker safety and efficiency and they can bid for a broader array of projects internationally.

Captain Ram K. Kumar, General Manager, SSE Training Centre, commented on this partnership saying, “It has been a great pleasure and privilege to be working in partnerships with The Underwater Centre, Tasmania. Together we have been able to deliver high quality dive training systems coupled with internationally-recognised ADAS qualifications in Singapore.

“SSE Training Centre Pte Ltd and The Underwater Centre have been working passionately for past 6 months to reach this important milestone for both parties and it’s really a proud moment. Looking forward for continued friendship and success.”

Longer term, the aim is to extend this training to deliver a range of ADAS courses, to individual students as well as staff, including ADAS Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (Occupational Diver to 50M) on the SSE Training Centre site. 

To find out more about the ITE Partnership scheme contact Steve Ham on 0044 1397 703 786 or visit our ITE (International Training Establishment) Partnership page.