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High Voltage & Electrical Safety Course to develop an ROV career

Career Enhancement with High Voltage & Electrical Safety Training

We recently welcomed Barry “Baz” Worgan back to The Underwater Centre, Fort William, to further enhance his ROV skills by attending our 2 day High Voltage and Electrical Safety course.

Baz previously trained at The Underwater Centre in 2013 when he underwent his first ROV training course, ROV Pilot Technician, and from there his new subsea career began. Baz enrolled in a Trainee ROV Pilot Technician scheme with ROVOP who have since trained Baz from his early career to where he is now, 4 years later.

“I believe the ROV Pilot Technician course helped me get my first trip offshore.”


With a young family, Baz left behind a decade long career in the Emergency Services to embark on a new career piloting Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) after taking inspiration from a good friend in the subsea industry and taking his existing interest further, saying “I didn’t think I could do it, but once I realised it was only me holding myself back, I looked at re-training in ROV”.

“Next step for me is Senior Pilot Technician”

Baz is hopeful of progressing to the role of Senior Pilot Technician shortly and wants to take each step at a time. After we caught up with Baz during his High Voltage and Electrical Safety course he kindly answered some quick fire questions:

How do you rate The Underwater Centre, Fort William?

‘The Underwater Centre is a great facility. The food is too good!’

How do you think training at The Underwater Centre helped your career?

‘I believe the ROV Pilot Technician course helped me get my first trip offshore. The first company that gave me my maiden offshore trip saw I was serious about investing in myself. I was then lucky that ROVOP saw the same determination and reciprocated with an offer of a trainee Pilot Tech position which has helped me progress my career to date.’

What’s your next planned career step?

‘Next step for me is Senior Pilot Technician.’

What do you most look forward to in your ROV career?

‘The time off! I love my job but the quality time I get with my family is the best part.’

What do you least look forward to in your ROV career?

‘Sharing a room on an offshore rig!’

Finally, would you encourage others to train at The Underwater Centre?

‘Yes, I would recommend the Centre for sure. I would also encourage those thinking of re-training in ROV to thoroughly research and make a confident decision that this is what they want to do. It’s a big investment and one that can pay off but, keep realistic expectations in mind.’

Enhancing your career

Baz originally trained with The Underwater Centre back in 2013 on our ROV Pilot Technician course and, after gaining experience working offshore, returned to the Fort William centre to further add to his skill set by attending the 2 day High Voltage and Electrical Safety course.

Thank you for your time, Baz. Best of luck for the future!

We offer a range of short-duration modular courses to suit your needs,  ranging from Fibre Optics to T4 Manipulator training; you can find out more about our training modules here, or click the link below:

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