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ADAS Update to Commercial Diver Training Changes - The Underwater Centre Blog

ADAS Update to Commercial Diver Training Changes

Further to our recent blog post about the changes that the Australian Diving Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) planned to make to commercial air diver training, the inaugural pilot course of this new structure has now been completed. As a result we’ve received feedback from ADAS on this first course which means our commercial air diver training will be retaining its current structure. You can read the full ADAS statement here.

ADAS Review of Commercial Diver Training

As part of the review process, ADAS involved a number of industry stakeholders in these proposed course changes, which included removal of the 4-week ADAS Part 1 Occupational SCUBA course, and the creation of a new, 8-week Part 2 SSBA to 30m course (previously 4-weeks). 

With input from other Australian diver training establishments and international organisations, and further to the delivery of the first course, it is now felt that more experience of SCUBA diving methods is necessary for a diver as he/she begins his/her career.  

Premium Package includes SCUBA and Surface Supplied

As a result of this input and the feedback process, ADAS has decided to continue the ADAS Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 courses as previously offered.  Therefore, our Premium Commercial Diver Training Package will remain as is currently offered. For more information on what is included in this commercial diving course visit our website here.

If you have any questions about the commercial air diver training that we offer, please contact our Student Advisors on +61 3 6383 4844 or email [email protected]

Visit our website for more information on commercial air diver training