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Standout Dive Training Projects - The Underwater Centre Blog

Standout Dive Training Projects

Adam Townsend recently spoke to WaterWelders about his commercial air diver training at The Underwater Centre in Fort William.  In this section he talks about the standout dive training projects for him.

Seabed Survey: Measuring & Mapping

“First project I’d like to talk about would be the seabed survey on HSE SCUBA; we had to come up with a dive plan of how we could ‘map’ the seabed as well as a base-plate survey.

My team’s first plan was a shambles, but we were pointed in the right direction.

We did a grid-iron search pattern and jotted down on a slate what was found and lying on the seabed. We took measurements of the base-plate so we could work out volumes .

We then had to write a report, including a risk assessment, the briefing and our results, which in the end up was actually quite good and professional looking – thanks to my Italian buddy Pierre-Luigi DiDeo and his trusty laptop.”

Find out more about HSE SCUBA training here.

Burning & Welding

“The second project was on the surface.

We had to use oxy-acetylene gas cutting torches to burn holes into a large steel plate to attach a job-line to. Then in water, we used the cutting torch to burn a square hole (it was all marked up and measured on the surface).

This tool had a fair amount of danger associated with it, but it was the easiest to use.

The next day, with the square section we cut out, we welded it back on, as a “patch repair” I guess to simulate repairing a hull or leg structure. During this task, the class below us was using the air-lift and the visibility was pretty pants. But even then, it was really enjoyable.

Just the fact that I was using a torch hotter than the sun to melt through 8mm thick steel like it was butter – underwater – wearing a Kirby Morgan – I felt at home!”

Find out more about subsea construction training, including burning and welding, here.

Read more about former students on our website here.  Alternatively, for more information contact our Student Advisors on +44 1397 703786 or email [email protected].


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