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The Underwater Centre Awarded for Increasing Diver Safety - The Underwater Centre Blog

The Underwater Centre Awarded for Increasing Diver Safety

The Underwater Centre, Fort William, has picked up a top award at the prestigious 2017 Subsea UK Awards ceremony in Aberdeen.

The Centre triumphed in the Innovation for Safety Award for its role in improving diver safety through its development of Commercial Enriched Air Nitrox training for the commercial diving sector.  The award  recognises an innovation that has significantly contributed to improving safety within the subsea sector.  The annual awards ceremony seeks to recognise companies and individuals who are leading the way in Britain’s £9billion subsea sector.

Find out more about Commercial Enriched Air Nitrox training here



Improve the safety of an entire dive team

The Underwater Centre was the first to respond to an identified shortfall in the commercial diving sector for training in the use and supervision of Nitrox as a breathing medium: a lack of theoretical knowledge by supervisors and clients was potentially hazardous. With the help of several industry professionals the Centre developed a course to address this need, aiming to improve the safety of an entire dive team involved with Nitrox diving operations.

Commercial Director, Steve Ham said, “This award is recognition that our training has significantly increased the awareness of the safety issues surrounding diving using Nitrox, and especially to the supporting personnel of a Nitrox diving operation.”

BP Global Diving Technical Authority confirms 

Nitrox significantly increases divers’ efficiency and, when used correctly, can add to their safety. However, nitrox also brings with it an increase in other risks and that’s why training is so important.

Derek Beddows, BP Global Diving Technical Authority confirms, “In recent years there has been a shift away from the traditional surface-supplied air diving techniques to surface-supplied nitrox diving or equivalent air depth diving.

“This course will certainly help to increase confidence in the competencies and abilities of commercial divers using nitrox in the field.  It’s a notable step forward for the commercial diving training requirements and one that will continue to promote safe operations.”

All students taking our commercial air diving package courses receive this important additional course. For more information, visit our website here, or contact us on +44 1397 703 786 or email [email protected]



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