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ADAS Changes to Commercial Air Diving Courses - The Underwater Centre Blog

ADAS Changes to Commercial Air Diving Courses

PLEASE NOTE: The information in this blog post has now been superceded and these changes are no longer taking place.  For more information click here

The Australian Diving Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) has initiated changes in the way that occupational divers will be trained into the future. As a result, from July 2017 The Underwater Centre, Tasmania, will be changing our ADAS Occupational Air Diver training packages.

Summary of ADAS Changes

With the growing use and demand for Surface Supplied Diving, ADAS have made the following changes:


  • The removal of the existing 4 week ADAS Part 1 Occupational SCUBA course,
  • The amalgamation of the ADAS Part 1 and Part 1 Restricted programs into one 3-week training program. This course will result in an ADAS Occupational SCUBA qualification to 30m.
  • Removal of the ADAS Part 1 (Occupational SCUBA) prerequisite for the Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA) training stream.

In conjunction with the changes, ADAS has created a new SSBA to 30m (ADAS Part 2) course, extending the current 4-weeks duration to 8-weeks. This new ADAS Part 2 covers all of the tasks previously taught on the ADAS Part 1 SCUBA. The Underwater Centre is aware that because there are still industry sectors that require the use of SCUBA, the “Occupational SCUBA” course will be run as a standalone course. This course will be run on demand to cater for industry needs.

Operations Manager, Herb Mitton, said, “We see this as a major step forward in ensuring diver safety for the commercial diving sector.”

If you have any questions about the ADAS changes, or about our commercial air diver training in general, please contact our Student Advisors on +61 3 6383 4844 or email [email protected].

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