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Training Our Trainers: Ensuring Quality Instruction for Students - The Underwater Centre Blog

Training Our Trainers: Ensuring Quality Instruction for Students

The experience of our instructors is one of the key foundations of the commercial diver and ROV training at The Underwater Centre; the way our instructors pass that experience on to students is just as important. One of the ways in which we ensure the quality of our teaching is by providing all instructors with tuition training.

Tuition skills to meet student’s career goals

Our commercial diving and ROV pilot technician instructors recently completed additional ‘Train the Trainer’ courses, building on their existing tuition skills. The Train the Trainer courses look at the key skills trainers need to teach effectively. Our instructors want to be sure they have the tools and confidence to deliver inspiring and stimulating training. The recent courses helped to fine-tune different parts of how each instructor delivers training and interacts with students. As well as helping to meet student’s career goals, we aim to provide a learning experience that is interesting and enjoyable.

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The Train the Trainer courses also provide a measurement of how well the Instructor team at the Centre is doing. Feedback on each instructor was provided to allow for further development if required, and the high calibre of the teaching in place at The Underwater Centre was remarked upon. The training also includes a review of course design and evaluation to ensure that all of our courses are effective – meeting the expectations and needs of all students.

ISO 9001 audit – systems in place to ensure quality training

We have been providing industry-relevant subsea training for over 40 years. We’ve always understood that our student’s main goals are to complete their training successfully, and to increase their chances of employment. Maintaining the high quality of our training is crucial to those end goals, and regular training for our instructors is part of that quality management. The Underwater Centre was recently awarded ISO 9001 certification, which was an audit of our quality management systems – such as training for all instructors and assessors. The verification of those systems demonstrates our ability to meet our customer needs: students have peace of mind that the design and delivery of their training is well supported throughout.

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To find out more about the range of support and experience provided to students on our commercial diving and ROV pilot technician courses, visit our website here.

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