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Companies Present New Subsea Mapping Solution in Fort William - The Underwater Centre Blog

Companies Present New Subsea Mapping Solution in Fort William

DOF Subsea together with subsea technology companies Sonardyne, 2G Robotics, and Seatronics demonstrated a new underwater surveying technique that could reportedly have an impact on the time needed to map underwater structures and offshore sites.

The capabilities of the so-called ‘Dynamic Mobile Mapping’ were showcased at The Underwater Centre in Fort William on December 07, 2016.

This new solution brings together three independent systems, 2G Robotics ULS 500 Pro Laser, Sonardyne’s SPRINT acoustically-aided inertial navigation sensor, and DOF Subsea’s Metro software.

The solution is ROV-mounted and mapping operations are conducted while the vehicle is in motion in order to simultaneously survey multiple horizontal or vertical flanges.

Colin Cameron, DOF Subsea said: “The development of this solution is hugely important for the energy sector, and we were delighted with the data that we were able to gather in Fort William. We have proven that the technologies work together in this application and that the method can generate the quality and complexity of data required. We believe that using this combination of technology to provide a full metrology solution is an industry first – we can save days on traditional metrology work, and provide much higher quality data.”

This article originally appeared on Subsea World News

Proving the capabilities of new subsea technology is a crucial step in the development for industry use; the provision of a secure, convenient and cost-effective open-water site allows companies such as DOF Subsea to maximise productivity.  

Read more about the range of companies who have benefited from subsea testing at The Underwater Centre in Fort William on our website here.  Alternatively contact us on +44 1397 703786 or email [email protected]