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Windfarm Engineer Completes OTDR Course to Get Ahead - The Underwater Centre Blog

Windfarm Engineer Completes OTDR Course to Get Ahead

James Reid is an Equipment and Deck Engineer with Dutch company VBSM.NL. Based in Holland he might find himself working on any windfarm around the UK and Europe.  Last year he completed our Fibre Optics OTDR course, so we caught up with him to find out more.

james-reid_otdr_course_the-underwater-centre_fort-williamTell us about your work as an engineer for windfarms

“Since I last spoke to you we’ve finished the single mode fibre mux upgrade project to our Plough system, and I will be the Ploughing supervisor for VBMS during the installation of the export cables for the Rampion windfarm (offshore Brighton).”

Click here for more information on our fibre-optics OTDR Course

Did you find the OTDR course useful for your job?

“Definitely.  It was a very good course and I’ll look forward to doing more training in the future. One of the most useful parts was understanding the main differences between SM and MM fibres within the umbilical.  Also, the fact that there was a sample of Super Scorpio umbilical was good: it’s the same umbilical we used to upgrade our Plough system to fibre mux comm system.  Some of the actual fibre theory was a bit tricky to get my head round, but the main instructor was great, and clearly knew his stuff! Since doing the course, if there are any fibre issues and we decide to buy an OTDR I will be the one called upon to utilise it.”

fibre-optics-otdr-course-the-underwater-centre-fort-williamFibre Optics – Systems, Integration and Testing (OTDR) Course

“The information and knowledge I gained through training at The Underwater Centre became extremely valuable during the upgrade project, so it was well worthwhile and I’m glad I made the effort.”

The Fibre Optics – Systems, Integration and Testing (with optional 1-day OTDR) Course at The Underwater Centre in Fort William teaches students how to deal with the handling, maintenance and testing of fibre optics within the marine environment.

For more information about fibre optics training, or remotely operated vehicle training, visit our website here.  Alternatively contact us on [email protected] or +1397 703786