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Diver Case Study: It’s What You Do in the Water that Counts - The Underwater Centre Blog

Diver Case Study: It’s What You Do in the Water that Counts

david-bohm-the-underwater-centre-commercial-diver-5David Böhm completed his first course at The Underwater Centre, Fort William in 2012. He was working as a commercial air diver within a month of qualifying.

Before completing the Premium Industry Package in Fort William, David had a diverse career; drafted as a national conscript EOD in the Swedish Army, as a Telecom technician; an industrial technician involved in the construction of high pressure hydraulics for the dairy industry; and as a service technician for security system on banks and government buildings. He’s since returned to the Centre to complete his HSE Closed Bell training and now works as an air and saturation diver.

Here he tells us about training and working as a commercial diver.

Tell us about finding work as a commercial diver

david-bohm-the-underwater-centre-commercial-diver-9“I got my first job by constantly calling all the IMCA registered companies I had details for. I had a lot of experience with tools and technology before I did my training, but the underwater training with tools was crucial to making a good impression and being offered more work. It’s what you can do in the water that counts.”

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“The various tasks I did on the course definitely helped me stay in work too. I was expected to do all of that since the first day I was on an inshore job. Super important! And with any diving job safety comes first.”

What did you think of the commercial diving instructors at The Underwater Centre?

david-bohm-the-underwater-centre-commercial-diver-7“I value their advice to this day, I couldn’t have asked for better instructors than the ones I had. I am also very surprised by the openness and general attitude. Top notch! Every single one had a part to play in order for it to be a good course, and they all do it very well. I enjoy thinking back to that time at dive school.”

If you are interested in completing your HSE Closed Bell there is still some availability on the HSE Closed Bell course starting 7th November 2016 – this is the last available course date until June 2017.  Find out more here.


For more information about commercial diver training, visit our website here. Alternatively, contact our Student Advisors on +44 1397 703 786 or email [email protected]

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