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Diving Competencies: IMCA Updates Nitrox Frameworks - The Underwater Centre Blog

Diving Competencies: IMCA Updates Nitrox Frameworks

In their latest Making Waves magazine the International Marine Contractor’s Association (IMCA) highlights that their diving frameworks have been updated to reflect the growing use of Nitrox in commercial diving practices. Working in collaboration with the subsea industry, The Underwater Centre introduced Nitrox training in 2014 in recognition and anticipation of the increased use of Nitrox, and welcomes the update. 

IMCA Making Waves Nitrox UpdatesIMCA: Update to Nitrox frameworks

IMCA said, “As a result of a recent request by industry, IMCA has introduced optional nitrox competencies within its current diving competence assurance scheme. IMCA’s frameworks for air (surface supplied) diving supervisors (D 03) and surface supplied divers (D 05) have both been updated. The new competencies encompass; nitrox related safety, nitrox diving operations and nitrox related diving emergencies. Whilst it is accepted that some national diver training programmes already include the theory of diving breathing gases other than air, this change will help contractors to demonstrate that all of their offshore diving personnel, using nitrox as a breathing mixture, are competent to do so.”

IMCA Making Waves, Issue 79, June 2016 (Page 15)


What this means for divers and dive companies

Alf Leadbitter Dive Training AuthorityAlf Leadbitter, Dive Training Authority at The Underwater Centre, explains, “In practical terms this means dive companies will have to prove that their divers are competent in dealing with the issues which have been added to D03.”

Steve Ham, Commercial Director at the Centre, adds, “All of our air diving students now leave with a Nitrox ticket which includes theoretical and practical instruction in Nitrox standards. We can also run this as a stand-alone course and we hope it will help contractors demonstrate that their diving personnel are competent in the use of Nitrox.”

The inclusion of Nitrox training in The Underwater Centre’s Premium and Construction commercial diver packages for 2016 – including a dive using nitrox – means that our commercial diving graduates will already meet these new competencies, thus helping to make them more employable.  Read more about Nitrox training on this recent blog post.

Find out more about Commercial Enriched Air Nitrox training here

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