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Introduction to Commercial Diving Careers - Funding Assessment Day - The Underwater Centre Blog

Introduction to Commercial Diving Careers – Funding Assessment Day

Heading into the dive tankWe recently posted on our blog about funding The Underwater Centre has received to train students for a career in commercial diving.  As part of the process to be able to apply for the funding and attend a course, prospective students are required to attend an Introduction to Commercial Diving Careers Funding Assessment Day.  Here we explain a bit more about what the day entails, including an actual dive in surface supplied equipment.

An introduction to the commercial diving industry

The Introductory Day begins with a welcome from our Diver Training Manager, Alf Leadbitter, who will provide you with an introduction to the commercial diving industry, explaining where you might be employed once you’ve completed your training.  He’ll explain about the demand for commercial divers from a variety of industries, including the oil and gas and renewables industries, civil engineering work on dams, harbours, hulls, for example, as well as scientific and fish farm diving.

You will complete some paperwork, along with a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) aptitude test, which is a test of basic maths and English, to ensure you will be able to understand and calculate dive time lengths, for example.

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the day to ask our instructors any questions you may still have regarding a career as a commercial diver.

Tour of our pier and loch-side facilities

Once the ‘classroom’ part is done, we’ll take you for a tour of our extensive, loch-side facilities and equipment, including our indoor 1.5million-litre dive tank complex and 800m long pier, which stretches out onto Loch Linnhe.  This is a great opportunity to see our set-up, which is created to replicate the offshore industry, and really appreciate the extent and range of training facilities we offer.  You’ll see the control cabins, dive stations, various vessels and you’ll also have the chance to see other students already in training – whether on a commercial diving or ROV pilot technician course.

The tour of our facilities culminates in the collection of the equipment for your surface supplied dive, including your dry suit.

Pre-dive briefing and surface supplied dive

Trying out underwater manual labour!After lunch you’ll be fully briefed on the surface supplied dive you will be undertaking – this will be done exactly as though you are a commercial diver, so again giving you a chance to understand what it will be like to train and work as a commercial diver.

Then it’s time to get into your dry suit and get kitted up and ready for your dive; you’ll receive full instructions from the dive team.  During your dive in our indoor tank you will be asked to complete a manual task to give you further experience of the work you’ll be required to do as a commercial diver.  You will also be assessed on this aspect of the day as to how well you complete this practical task.

On completion of your dive you will be interviewed by senior members of our dive team to establish your aptitude for commercial diving.  You’ll discuss any previous experience that you will bring to your new career – perhaps you’ve been a rigger, worked in a ship yard or on a building site –  and why you think you will be a successful as a commercial diver.

The overall aim of the day, including the in-water task and interview, are to assess your suitability as a commercial diver, to make sure that once you’ve completed your training you will not only have the appropriate HSE commercial diving certificates and subsea skills experience, but that you will have the appropriate attitude, practical skills and experience to be a successful commercial diver.

The Funding Assessment Days are being held throughout December and into January; for exact dates and availability, give Lorna, Maggie or Ingrid a call on +44 1397 703786 or email [email protected].  If you’ve any questions about the introductory days or the funding available, leave a comment below.