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Diver Medic Technician Training in Tasmania – A Photo Story

Simulated Head Injury during the ADAS Diver Medic Technician (DMT) Course A realistic simulated head injury enhances the practical scenario training during the ADAS Diver Medic Technician Course at The Underwater Centre, Tasmania. All the Moulage (casualty simulation) materials are of a professional quality and are skin safe and have very low allergic properties. The […]

Industry support for commercial diving courses

We recently blogged about the new addition of Bolt Tensioning to our commercial air diving packages. This training has been included in our commercial diving courses. In this post, Steve Ham from The Underwater Centre and Chris Barratt, Senior Mechanical Instructor from The Mechanical Services Department of Stork, discuss why the inclusion of this training […]

Construction Worker to Commercial Diver

Like many commercial divers, Gabriel didn’t start out in commercial diving. He had worked as a bar tender and part-time in the construction industry before looking for a career that offered job satisfaction and excitement. He was already a keen sport diver, so he put that together with his construction experience, and training as a […]

Work Class ROV Operational in Fort William

After months of preparation we are extremely pleased to announce that we now have an operational work class ROV system and support vessel ready to be used for ROV training and subsea testing and trials.  This achievement is thanks to the ROV personnel at The Underwater Centre and the support of the subsea industry. Triton […]

Meet Michael Jones: Graduate Dive Support Tech

21 year old Michael Jones has been with The Underwater Centre in Fort William since March 2013.  Here he talks about the work he does and why the subsea industry appealed to him: What is your day job today? I’m a Graduate Dive Support Technician.  This means I am involved in the planned maintenance and inspections […]

ROV Pilot Tech Skills: Commercial Diver Observation

Repair and maintenance of a remotely operated vehicle, or ROV, is probably 80% of the job you’ll do as an ROV pilot technician, but skilful piloting of the ROV is also essential for a successful career.  Understanding the nature of the sea, being aware of the potential for accidents, and identifying and piloting hazardous areas […]

World First as Commercial Enriched Air Nitrox Course Introduced

The subsea industry identified that a shortfall existed in the training available for divers, supervisors, technicians and project managers on the subject of Nitrox as a breathing medium. Professional subsea personnel need to have a greater knowledge and appreciation of the gas laws and physiological effect that this type of diving has on divers. Meeting […]

Dangers of commercial diving could be exaggerated by Hollywood

“Pioneering divers who built the foundations of the North Sea oil and gas industry are to have their incredible story turned into a Hollywood movie – thanks to George Clooney.” (Ryan Chrighton, Press & Journal).  But is there a danger that Hollywood could exaggerate the dangers of commercial diving?  John Penney, Diving Supervisor at The […]

How to Effectively Maintain Your Drysuit

This is a guest post by Northern Diver Being a substantial investment, and an integral component of your diving rig, it’s important that you know how to correctly maintain your drysuit. Much like checking and maintaining the tyre pressures and oil level in your car, your drysuit requires regular maintenance to ensure it continues to […]

Offshore Achievement Award for Commercial Diver Training Initiative

We were delighted to pick up a top award at the prestigious 2014 SPE Offshore Achievement Awards.  The awards celebrate outstanding successes within the UK offshore industry in categories including safety innovations, new technologies and individual achievements; we were shortlisted for the Working Together Award. Skills Development Scotland funding for commercial diving courses Our entry […]