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Training ROV operators to meet demand

The need for a skilled, competent workforce in the global oil and gas industry has never been greater, and there is a very real concern that if not enough personnel are being trained now, then future needs will not be met. Projected growth of ROV operations The International Marine Contractor’s Association (IMCA) has highlighted that, […]

How long will it take me to find a job as an ROV pilot tech?

One of the questions we’re asked the most is: “Do you have a rough time frame of how long it would take to find work after doing the ROV course?” Paul Bury, ROV Training Manager at The Underwater Centre, Fort William and Tasmania, stays in touch with students long after they’ve graduated from our ROV […]

Underwater Construction Work – What Tools?

When you first qualify as a commercial diver it’s essential that you perform well on your first jobs, so you need to know what you’re doing and how to do it.  You will be working underwater using construction tools and techniques from day one, doing work such as hull cleaning, lift bags, or inspection. We’ve […]

Meet Singaporean Work Class ROV Student, Shamsul

Shamsul Bin Haron, a 26-year-old graduate from Singapore Polytechnic, made his first trip to Scotland to join three others on the Work Class ROV Operations Course. A graduate in aerospace electronics, Shamsul is currently working as an ROV Pilot Technician Trainee for ASROV Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Alliance Seaworks Sdn Bhd, based in Singapore. […]

Aubin Subsea Complete Subsea Lifting System Trials

Following the successful completion of its first operational trial of its LiquiBuoy system, engineering firm Aubin Subsea announced that it could transform subsea lifting. The company conducted rigorous testing of its liquid gel technology at our subsea testing facilities in Fort William.  Head of the firm’s subsea division, Serena Arif, believes the solution offers a […]

Meet our Team: Commercial Diver ‘Mac’

Getting advice and expertise from those who have been successful in the industry ahead of you is a vital part of preparing you for your new career.  The commercial diving instructors at The Underwater Centre have a range of experience and knowledge to share with you during your commercial diver training.  Mac is one of […]

Is my ROV job offer real?

When you start out in a new career you need to be aware of any potential pitfalls.  The ROV pilot technician training at The Underwater Centre is delivered by experienced ROV personnel, so as well as teaching you how to do the job they will also provide guidance and support on entering the ROV industry.  […]

Astronaut vs Commercial Diver: Similarities and Differences

The UK Government announces today the location of a new spaceport that will be used to launch manned missions and commercial satellites into space. This exciting development brings space travel and exploration one step nearer to us, but closer to home 95% of the Earth’s oceans remain unexplored*.  How does working as an astronaut compare to […]

Week 5 Video: Real-life Work Class ROV Operations Training

One of the primary roles of the ROV pilot/ technician is to operate the ROV. In the final week of our Introduction to Work Class ROV Operations course, candidates have been continuing with practical procedures and functions of work class ROV operations with the Triton XL26 on the ROV support vessel, and the XL32 onshore. […]

Work Class ROV Training: Planned Maintenance and Mechanical and Electrical Retermination

In our student’s penultimate week on the Introduction to Work Class ROV Operations course, they have continued to undertake classroom theoretical work followed by real world application, on the Triton XL, either in one of our workshops or on board the training vessel ‘Loch Sunart’. Working at Height training This practical training, in our Mechanical […]