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Summary: Changes to HSE Commercial Diving Projects ACoPs

In 1997 the Health and Safety Executive approved 5 codes of practice, called ACoPs, for the different diving sectors where divers are considered to be at work. These include Commercial Diving Projects Offshore, Commercial Diving Projects Inland / Inshore, Media Diving Projects, Recreational Diving Projects and Scientific and Archaeological Diving Projects. These were all reviewed […]

Case Study: Enriched Air Nitrox Training for the Offshore Sector

Diving contractors globally are recognising the requirements for greater evidence of competence for personnel involved in the use of Nitrox for offshore air diving. John Bateman, Equipment Manager for Osiris Marine Services, tells us about the value of Commercial Enriched Air Nitrox training to him, his company, and the offshore industry. “As the Equipment Manager, […]

Work Class ROV Supervisor Allan Kinnear; ROV Training and Trials in Fort William

At The Underwater Centre we pride ourselves in the quality, experience and knowledge we can bring to each of our courses and to pass on to our students, thanks to the industry-experienced instructors who train here. Allan Kinnear, our Work Class ROV Supervisor, explains more about his experience in the ROV field. Working in the […]

Water way to get married

A self-confessed adrenaline junkie and her new husband made a splash this weekend when they had their recent nuptials blessed during a special underwater ceremony at The Underwater Centre in Fort William. Around 100 guests watched Dorota Bankowska and new husband James Abbott tie the knot in The Underwater Centre‘s 1.5million litre onshore seawater tank, […]

Bombardier Retrains as ROV Pilot Technician: Michael Cooper

Bdr Michael Cooper has served in the Army for 15 years: 13 in the Royal Armoured Core, The Queens Royal Hussars, operating Challenger 2, and for two years as an Unmanned Air Vehicle Commander piloting Hermes 450. Asked to tell us about his civilian qualifications he has obtained during his Service career, he lists:   […]

Band Mask or Hard Hat – An Explanation of Commercial Diver Helmets

Presently, probably the most common diving helmets in use wordwide are the Kirby Morgan 27 (KM 27) and Kirby Morgan 37 (KM 37) hard helmets, or variations of them; the Kirby Morgan 17 variants are also still very common. There are currently two Kirby Morgan band mask versions which have a soft shell: the KMB […]

Experienced Commercial Diver Joins our Team to Pass on his Subsea Industry Knowledge

The Underwater Centre, Tasmania, has appointed a new commercial diver trainer to support the increasing demand for our ADAS-approved diving courses. David Loudon joins the Centre from Gilbert Diving PTY Ltd, where he spent the last three years as a commercial diver and workshop manager. Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) qualified and approved PADI master […]

Commercial Diving Graduate Story: Sport Diver to Commercial Diver

Greg Macauley graduated as a commercial diver from The Underwater Centre in Fort William earlier this year. In this blog post he tells us about the change from working in construction, and diving recreationally, to a satisfying and lucrative new career in commercial diving: “My name is Greg Macaulay and I’m 30 years old.  I […]

Why do you need HSE or ADAS diving certification?

We get many divers coming to us asking if their IMCA diving certification is accepted for diving outwith their own country. IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) is a trade association which provides guidance and advice on carrying out offshore diving operations safely, but not legislation.  The IMCA International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving states:  […]

Explore a Career as an ROV Pilot Technician in the Oil and Gas Industry

The Underwater Centre, Fort William, is taking part in OPITO’s first Doors Open Day event, which has been set up by the skills organisation to showcase opportunities and explore skills and career pathways within the oil and gas industry across the UK. Targeting a variety of audiences, it will see everything from science, engineering and […]